Giovanni Corvaja works as a freelance goldsmith artist in Todi, a historical Etruscan town in central Italy, in his private studio, and gives private intensive courses there. It has taken him a few years to restore the XV century building and to transform it into a spacious, fully equipped workshop. Giovanni travelled all over Europe to purchase the best-quality tools and machinery for his studio. This magnificent place has been organized with the same attention to detail, beauty and comfort that Giovanni creates his pieces of jewellery with. The whole space reflects the artist’s working ethic: the utmost respect towards Craft.

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The workshop comprising of a large room (ca 80 square meters) is divided in four areas: a discussion/library area, a machinery room, an ample working space and Giovanni Corvaja’s personal laboratory. 


The discussion/library area offers a unique atmosphere where one can study, surrounded by the rich collection of books on goldsmithing and other applied arts. This area, as well as the entire workshop, is provided with high-speed wireless Internet connection.


The machinery room houses a fully accessoried precision lathe, a milling machine, a large antique drill press, a fly-press and a polishing machine.


The working area is equipped with two electric rolling mills, a manual rolling mill, a ventilated melting space, a draw-bench, tool shelves with a notable collection of hammers and silversmithing tools and four working stations for students.


Each working station consists of a working table with some necessary tools, a precision drill, a lamp, a gas torch and a SPIRFLAME® torch powered by two SPIRFLAME® Karat 200 units connected in parallel.


The remaining quarter is the personal laboratory of Giovanni Corvaja with his most personal tools and equipment, where he works on his pieces.


© 2008 by Giovanni Corvaja. Designed and edited by Maria Rubtsova