If you are interested in getting a training in any of the classes, you are kindly asked to register in advance.

In order to register, please send the following information to

1. Your full name and surname

2. Your postal address

3. Your e-mail address

4. Your telephone number

5. The course you wish to attend

Once registered, you will receive the bank details for paying the non-refundable* deposit.

Please choose one of these payment methods: Bank transfer, MoneyGram transfer.

NB! You are enrolled in the course, when you have registered and paid the non-refundable deposit.

NB! The courses will be held only if there are minimum 3 people enrolled in each class. You will be informed whether the class is taking place or not 3 months in advance at the latest.

*non-refundable unless the class is cancelled by Giovanni Corvaja. In this case you will receive the deposit back.


We would suggest that you choose from one of the options below (ranging from the cheapest to a more luxury one) because all these hotels are located in the very centre of Todi, within a five-minute walk from the workshop.

1. Monastero SS. Annunziata:

2. Crispolti Holiday House:

3. San Lorenzo Tre:

4. Hotel Fonte Cesia:

However, for more information about accommodation in Todi you can check the following links:

Should you have any further questions concerning the private courses, please do not hesitate to contact us at