Giovanni Corvaja gives private tuitions in his studio in the centre of Todi, a small historical town in central Italy, near Perugia.

These are intensive courses of five days for four people at a time. The workshop is fully equipped and spacious enough to fit four people at work comfortably. This number of students is optimal, as it is creatively stimulating and cost effective for the participants.

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The course is aimed at people with basic jewellery-making skills, at least.

The course is held in English or Italian.

Each student will obtain a certificate of attendance at the end of the course.

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Mokume gane, one of the most beautiful and intricate materials that inspires and gives endless creative possibilities to jewellery artists, does challenge jewelers with a number of technical and aesthetic issues. During this course Giovanni Corvaja will introduce his students to the method of making efficient, good quality billets of mokume gane, guide them to the principles of patterning and the aesthetic matters of working with such a figured material.

The system that Giovanni Corvaja uses is that of bonding numerous layers of metals just with the aid of pressure and heat. NO solder is used.                              


Although various combinations of metals are possible, the following ones are suggested for the course: Gold-Silver, Gold-Copper, Silver-Copper. These combinations are relatively easily produced. The three metals have similar metallurgical properties and at the same time give a beautiful contrast.

The focal points of the course are the following:

  1. The preparation of one, possibly two, billets of mokume gane for each student

  2. Chemical and metallurgical aspects of the process

  3. The theory of metals that can be combined

  4. Working on the billet after the layers have been bonded


  6. Considerations and experiments on designs

Each participant is asked to bring the following materials and equipment:

  1. Some pure gold, pure silver (50 g of each) in casting grains

  2. A square open melting crucible (4x4 cm)

  3. Fine, pointed tweezers

  4. Magnifying glasses

  5. A scraper

  6. Some bench files: flat, half-round (medium-cut)

  7. Some new (whole) sheets of emery paper 280-400-600 grit

  8. Saw and saw blades, size: 1; 0; 2/0 and 4/0

  9. A pair of new (unused) rubber gloves of your size

  10. A pair of leather working gloves (from any hardware store)

  11. A set of basic hand tools

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