Giovanni Corvaja gives private tuitions in his studio in the centre of Todi, a small historical town in central Italy, near Perugia.

These are intensive courses of five days for four people at a time. The workshop is fully equipped and spacious enough to fit four people at work comfortably. This number of students is optimal, as it is creatively stimulating and cost effective for the participants.

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The course is aimed at people with basic jewellery-making skills, at least.

The course is held in English or Italian.

Each student will obtain a certificate of attendance at the end of the course.

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Most of Giovanni Corvaja’s pieces are made with the use of a SPIRFLAME® hydrogen-oxygen torch. Only very stable, clean and accurate equipment allows him to produce work with such fine details.


This course is aimed at goldsmiths who have or intend to buy a top quality hydrogen-oxygen micro-welder. During the course students will explore and experiment with the possibilities of such a versatile torch. Once students understand the potential of this equipment, their creative horizon will be broadened.

For those who are interested in some particular applications of the microflame torch for their work we recommend to bring some samples of their unfinished or test pieces to practice on.

The focal points of the course are the following:

  1. The principle of work of a hydrogen-oxygen generator

  2. Melting small quantities of metal

  3. Welding (fusing together parts without the use of solder alloys)

  4. Soldering very fine parts together

  5. Making larger solders

  6. Making small spheres

  7. Changing the qualities and temperature of the flame by using

  8. different booster fluids

  9. Deoxidizing

Each participant is asked to bring the following materials and equipment:

  1. Protective eye-goggles

  2. Tweezers

  3. A soldering block

  4. Pliers

  5. Some gold, silver or optionally platinum

  6. Some solder for the above materials

  7. A very fine paintbrush with natural hair

  8. A set of basic hand tools

The workshop is equipped with one torch for each participant.

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