Giovanni Corvaja gives private tuitions in his studio in the centre of Todi, a small historical town in central Italy, near Perugia.

These are intensive courses of five days for four people at a time. The workshop is fully equipped and spacious enough to fit four people at work comfortably. This number of students is optimal, as it is creatively stimulating and cost effective for the participants.

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The course is held in English or Italian.

Each student will obtain a certificate of attendance at the end of the course.

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Most of the images shown on this website have been made by Giovanni Corvaja. Good quality professional photographers who specialize in macro studio-photography are hard to find and extremely expensive.

In this two-day course a student will get the essential guide-lines for good results, using relatively inexpensive equipment.



Giovanni Corvaja uses a mid-format analog camera. However, the basics of lighting, exposure and background arrangement can also be applied to a digital camera.

The focal points of the course are the following:

  1. Basic functioning of a camera

  2. Choice of equipment and film

  3. Choice of a suitable lens

  4. Use of extension tubes

  5. Exposure and shutter speeds (depth of field)

  6. Composition 1: Theory of perspective and corrections

  7. Composition 2: Backgrounds

  8. Composition 3: Lighting

  9. Lighting: continuous and flash lights

  10. Light measuring

  11. Reflections and shadows

  12. Processing

Each participant is asked to bring the following materials and equipment:

  1. Their own camera (although Giovanni’s equipment will also

  2. be used)

  3. Some objects to be photographed



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