Giovanni Corvaja, the son of Maria Vittoria Pavan and Carlo Corvaja, was born on September 30, 1971 in Padua, Italy. Brought up in a family of scientists, he has been fascinated and inspired by metals since early childhood.

In 1985 he began his studies in goldsmithing at Pietro Selvatico High School of Art in Padua under the tuition of Francesco Pavan. During his school years in Pietro Selvatico Giovanni was working in the workshops of Francesco Pavan and Paolo Maurizio. In 1988 was awarded the Diploma di Maestro d’Arte, and in 1990 – the Maturità d’Arte Applicata.

In 1990 he enrolled in the Royal College of Art in London to continue his studies in the field of art jewellery. After graduation from the Royal College with the Degree of Master of Arts in 1992, he returned to Padua where he pursued his artistic career in goldsmithing.

In 2001 he moved permanently to Todi, a historical Etruscan town in central Italy. It has taken him a few years to restore a XV century building and to transform it into a spacious fully equipped workshop. Since 2005 Giovanni Corvaja has been working as a freelance goldsmith artist in Todi in his private workshop and giving private intensive courses there.

Giovanni Corvaja has been exhibiting his work internationally since 1989. His pieces have been presented in more than 150 solo and group exhibitions worldwide. He has been awarded a number of essential international prizes and recognitions. His pieces are in numerous collections of major museums, all over the world.


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